Sometimes to win in the match size doesn’t matter at all. You have to know the tricks to win in the match. This is such a footage where we have seen so. On the stage there are two guys are ready to fight with one another. This is really difficult to defeat a huge guy in the competition. On the other hand,this little guy is quite brave to fight with him. This brave guy has tried his best to win the match,but several time he has to try his best to escape from this huge guy. However he has won the match to defeat the huge guy. This is not street fight. This is a sanctioned fight in a ring. The majority of the battle was gone through with the much littler man simply attempting to stay out of scope of the goliath. Definitely, if the colossal man had possessed the capacity to influence his massive weight against his adversary. Anyway,this littler man has won the match for his talent as well as his brave that we must have to confess. If you like this footage,please share this footage on your Facebook & among your friends & family to the competitive match!