Now-a-days secret relation has become a common aspects to us. This has become a viral factor in the society. For this secret relation mutual understanding has breaking down between husband as well as wife. A secret is defined as something done, made or conducted without the knowledge of other people. When one of those people is a spouse or partner – we not only wonder why, we wonder how it jeopardizes that relationship. In the footage we have noticed that how wife has cheated with her husband. To guess this husband has made a trick to catch his wife in red hand. Today there are so many such aspects that are happening around the world. There are many feelings that prompt the keeping of a secret from a partner. Secrets depend upon the nature and trust in the relationship and the personalities of the partners. If a marriage is demanding and authoritative, fear of judgment or anger for everything from going out with friends to spending too much on groceries may be kept secret. If a partner feels shame or self-blame for addictive behavior, misfortunes like the loss of a job or even fear of medical results, secrets might be kept. In the case of interest in someone outside the relationship, secrets are often driven by the fantasy, flirtation or wish for something that is not happening in the relationship. Often there is the illusion of having a marriage and a secret relationship. Guys please share this among your family and friends to make people aware of this negative impact in real life!