There is no end of funny aspects in the entire world. Most of the guys in the world love to have such funny as a part of life. People normally fond of funny aspects as well. Some perform this to have ecstasy as well as some perform this teach a good lesson of others. In addition,guys if you notice in the footage you will have captured this that the male nave a common nature to watch and attraction to the boobs of the women. This is inborn nature of the male. Moreover, in the record this women are performing to use forehead tatties on their forehead so that this can be a better lesson to the the male. Now the male can see easily the boobs on the forehead of these women. At the same time this will be a same along with a lesson to the male. These women have thought that this will be a good teaching for those who are characterless and love to create confusion among the women. However,this is absolutely funny and i do not know in what way you guys will take this. Now guys if you enjoy this footage,then share this on your Facebook and twitter.