Guys have you ever seen the whale live on the beach? If it is you would have a wonderful moment at watching them. Guys if you notice in the footage you will see the whales are wandering nearby the beach & on the other hand the onlookers are enjoying the moment as well as are capturing the moment. There are several amazing facts of such whales. Like all mammals, whales breathe air into lungs, are warm-blooded, feed their young milk and have some hair. Their bodies resemble the streamlined form of a fish, while the forelimbs or flippers are paddle shaped. Moreover, most species of whale have a fin on their backs known as a dorsal fin. If you notice carefully in the footage whales are quite active in the water. They jump high, or breach, out of the water and land back in the water. They also thrust their tails out of the water and slap the water’s surface, which is believed to be a warning of danger nearby. Whales also communicate with each other using lyrical sounds. These sounds are extremely loud depending on the species and can be heard for many miles. Guys think that you will enjoy the footage,please share this on your Facebook and twitter.