Despite the fact that the child Algerian Abdul Rahman; which did not exceed three years old, could not read a single word written, but he was able - through listening to the verses of the Quran - to preserve the Book of Allah by heart, and Erthelh tongue divorced and without errors; to enter encyclopedia Guinness World Records as the youngest Hafiz of the Quran.

Since it began in the movement of the tongue, which is regularly to chant verses from the Quran every day, even save the Qur’an complete without going to a mosque or a school, although he remained for two years, suffering from a problem in pronunciation.

When in fact node of the tongue pronunciation fit of the cave without the cost or stress in the exits of characters, not even errors in the rules of recitation, or confusion between the fence and the Quranic verses.

And explain or Abdul Rahman some of the secrets of the talent the Lord - in an interview with the "mbc in a week" on the channel mbc1 Friday, October 2 / October - by saying "It Touhmt on Sura" cave ", in the course of her pregnancy in Abdel-Rahman, which make it or regularly read a daily basis .. which would have made her feel comfortable and reassured.

And describes the child’s mother that her son Abdul Rahman began to save from the channel to hear "Alafasy" space; which he listened to it a lot, especially in the periods in which you spend in prayer.