To have love for the wild animals is a good quality & that is hardly seen now-a-days. We are cruel to the these animals as well as we try to destroy them at random. For these reasons they are going to reduce. This is a nice footage where we have noticed the love & affection between human & animal. This guy in the footage have created a better friendship with wild creatures that really a matter of appreciating. This guy in the footage is treating the cubs of the lioness as his own. This isn’t seen usually. This is called the love for wild creatures. This guy is personally watching these cubs & giving protection to them. He feed them properly as well ass taking care as well. He has mixed with them so closely & gets them as his friends. We should have sympathy & love for the wild creature. This will express your loftiness as because to be sympathetic to the wild creatures,is to be sympathetic to the human being too. This is high time we should take proper steps to save them from all danger & have to ensure their safety. You guys if you like this footage,please share this among your friends & family to make them conscious about the love & sympathy of the wild creature!