Not only is dancing one of the perfectly natural methods to induce labor, you can have fun while doing it. Swaying your hips while dancing can help the baby descend into the pelvis. Just like with walking, gravity will help the baby down, so that the head is up against the cervix, thus releasing the oxytocin that can induce labor.
Kassandra was 4 centimeters dilated for 15 days! At her next check-up, she used to be so frustrated that she disappeared to the lavatory with an idea, but she didn’t predict outcomes like this. She had no idea before of this kind of labor inducing dance. It is seen the dancing technique many times and we’ve also seen it work. Dressed in sweatpants and sports bra, Hanks boogies down as hard as she can, twisting and hopping.

But before the song can even finish, the heavyweight pregnant woman grabs her belly and doubles over in discomfort. She finished for feeling pressure pain in the abdominal part.

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