Eating hot dog is very popular among the maximum people. This is so delicious to have. People have this for flavor & of its taste. In the footage we watched the making process of this delicious hot dogs. Common hot dog ingredients include Meat trimmings and fat,Flavorings, such as salt, garlic, and paprika. Pork and beef are the traditional meats used in hot dogs. Less expensive hot dogs are often made from chicken or turkey, using low-cost mechanically separated poultry. Hot dogs often have high sodium, fat and nitrite content, ingredients linked to health problems. Changes in meat technology and dietary preferences have led manufacturers to use turkey, chicken, vegetarian meat substitutes, and to lower the salt content. Hot dogs are prepared commercially by mixing the ingredients in vats where rapidly moving blades grind and mix the ingredients in the same operation. This mixture is forced through tubes into casings for cooking. Most hot dogs sold in the US are skinless as opposed to more expensive natural casing hot dogs. Hot dogs are cooked during manufacture and can be eaten without additional preparation, although they are usually warmed before serving. Hot dogs are traditionally high in fat and salt and have preservatives sodium nitrate and nitrite, which are possible contributors to nitrate-containing chemicals believed to cause cancer. However,if you like this footage,share this footage among your friends & family to make them conscious of this side effects!