Talk show is a radio or television program in which usually well-known persons engage in discussions or are interviewed. Some times the stars of politics or cinema world may come to radio or television program. When the hosts of the talk show starts presenting their opinions or arguments, they can forget all the things around the world. The television talk show is mostly popular among the people who are involve with politics and want to know something.
Here in this video, you can see a mid-aged woman is engaged in discussion. There is another person who may be the opposition of this woman. It seems to me they are involved with politics. They are busy for presenting their arguments. The woman has put on a loose top. When she is talking with the jerking of the body, the top of the woman is dislocating from her breast. She is busy with argument but not the dress of the body. Both man and woman are busy for saving their rating. This woman is pulling her top and trying to cover her boobs but it is happening again and again.

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